Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pink and Purple Studded Nails

Today's theme for the Summer Challenge is "pink + purple".  I tried a few other designs that failed horribly before remembering that I had these great pink studs that I had yet to use!  And so a mani was created!  I wanted a cream finish base and oddly I don't have many purples (going to have to work on that!).  I finally decided on China Glaze Urban-Night which I think turned out to be the perfect complement to the studs.  I painted all nails with one coat of the base and then individually pained each nail and applied the studs with a toothpick.  Once I was done with all the nails I used a topcoat of NYC to seal them down and add some shine!  What do you think?  Have you tried any studs yet?  These are from Born Pretty Store, you will find a link to the right and if you hurry they are currently 20% off!


  1. I haven't tried anything with studs yet but this is perfect! I love it.


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