Sunday, July 29, 2012

Deep Desire for Leopard Print Plus Reviews

I have been trying hard to show more "budget friendly" brands here as I have seen a lot of people requesting more of this.  I love polish of all kinds and have bought everything from drugstore to higher- end polish and have been just as pleased with both.  For me, finding a polish is about the "thrill of the hunt".  I enjoy trying to find the ones I want at a bargain price and I tend to have pretty good luck at it.  I watch the sales through a variety of sources and I often check the same places.  One of my favorite places to shop is Ulta.  Not only do they tend to have a good selection of polish, but they go through periods where they have a large clearance section with OPI, China Glaze as well as Essie and sometimes others.  It can be quite dangerous for me!  Ulta also carries their own line of polish which I have been quite pleased with thus far and they also have some great sales on those.  One such sale is what lead me to this beauty!  I am a sucker for a deep luscious red and that is exactly what Deep Desire is.  I wanted to do something red with an accent nail in a leopard print but as I have said before, I am a very pale person so I have to be careful with the red I choose.  I can pull off several shades but I knew I would wear this mani for a few days (*gasp*) and also that it wouldn't be for any special occasion.  For those reasons, I wanted something that was deeper as it is more in my comfort zone.  I started with a base of CND Stickey to help prevent any chips, then applied two coats of Deep Desire on all but my ring fingers.  On the ring fingers I used two coats of China Glaze I'm Not Lion and  topped all of them with a coat of Seche.  Once dry I used Revlon Hot for Chocolate to stamp on the lepord print and sealed it with a coat of NYC.  I have tried some other brown cream polishes for stamping, but so far this is by far my favorite.

Ulta Deep Desire with accent of
China Glaze I'm Not Lion stamped with
Revlon Hot for Chocolate
I rarely wear a polish for more than 24 hours but this mani has been in place for more than 48 hours.  I will likely redo them tonight but they really wouldn't have to be.  I was careful to wrap the tips from the base to the topcoat and at this point, the ends of my nails are all that is showing wear; if I look at them straight on, there are no visible chips.  For a polish that I only paid $2 for, that is quite good to me.  If I wanted to extend the life of this mani further, I would add another topcoat (though not Seche as it needs to be applied to wet polish) and I am sure it would last a few more days.
So this ended up being quite the long-winded post but hopefully I have given you some insight or useful information! As always, I appreciate your feedback!


  1. What a lovely red color.
    Finding the right shade of red can be hard at times. This looks very good on you. :D


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