Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red Carpet Lacquers

Earlier this month I ordered a couple of polishes from Red Carpet Lacquers on Etsy.  They have been sitting here staring me in the face waiting for me to try them out since they arrived and today was finally the day.  I had some trouble deciding what to swatch them over but finally decided on OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  If you have other suggestions that you would like to see them swatched with, let me know and if I have it I will try it.  Both polishes are glitter polishes and are therefore a bit thick; this is a good thing!  As far as application, again, for a glitter I found them to be just as I would expect them to be meaning that you do have to work to place some of the larger pieces.  It is totally worth it though for the end result.  For both polishes what you see is one thickish coat over the base with a coat of Gelous and a topcoat of Seche.
First up is Toro.  Red, black, and white goodness!  I contemplated swatching this over black, but I didn't want to lose the black glitter.  That said, it is hard to see the white glitter in the mix but I promise it is there.  Mine seems to be missing the black squares that appear in the shops bottle shot and description, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Then there is Hitter.  This one is packed with various sizes and shapes of black, blue, and purple glitter.  Again, great application and how fun is that??!!

What do you think?  Do you own any Red Carpet Lacquers?  Will you be stocking her shop for either of these beauties?

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  1. oh wow you got great glitter payoff! I sold on my Toro because there was way to much base, not enough glitter and I am too lazy to fish glitter out!!


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