Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shrimply Devine Pink Wednesday!

I'm really excited about today's Pink Wednesday for a couple of reasons.  1. It's PINK, 2. There is glitter.  The glitter craze is sort of growing on me with the sudden boom of all these colorful and amazing indie polishes hitting the market.  I have been snapping them up when I am able to and have quite the little collection going.  I keep thinking I am going to find the time to go through them by brand but that isn't working very well...

Anyway, today I finally decided to try one of the indies I own from All That Glitters on Etsy.  I have several of her polishes and a few more on the way and I love all of them!  So for today's pink Wednesday I layered Spotty Dottie Dark over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Shrimply Devine.  LOVE it!  I had a tough time with Shrimply Devine and wound up needing three coats for full coverage but it was worth it for that slightly coral hot pink.  I added a coat of SDD and then a coat of Seche Vite.

Gorgeous isn't it?  See how dark that bottle is?  That is because it is PACKED with glitter!  The base is perfectly clear and it is a very easy to use glitter.  This one is currently out of stock but there are other colors as well. Then I wanted to try it matte since I also seem to have a fascination with it all of the sudden too.  My current favorite matte topcoat is NYC's.  I'm not sure which version I like best....

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  1. I need to get "Spotty Dottie Dark", so pretty!


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