Saturday, November 10, 2012

Juelp Nora

Sorry for the absence lately guys, I have been on vacation!  If you have "liked" my page on Facebook, then you already know that my nails did not fair so well while I was gone.  They were starting to peel a bit before I left but the dry air really did a number on them.  I hope to have some new stuff up in the next few days but be forewarned, my nails will be short!
This was the last polish I wore before heading out on vacation.  I have been a Julep Maven now for quite some time now and I have quite a collection of polish that I have yet to get up on the site!  Nora is from the November box and is a lovely shade that Julep calls a "silver aubergine".  The silver I see, the aubergine is not as noticeable to me in person as it is on the site.  Unless you hold it next to a silver polish, it really looks more silver.  That said, I still do like the color.  I used the "sandwich" method with this one to increase wear time; one coat polish, one coat tc, final coat polish.  I managed to get two days from this one before I had to remove it, for a matte/suede that is pretty decent, and part of that was due to my nails themselves peeling, not the polish.
Julep Nora

For me, the monthly Maven program is by far the way to go, Julep can now be found at Sephora but the perks and discounts of the program are a better option for me.  If you aren't a member yet, you can sign up here.


  1. This is a pretty colour! It looks like granite lol

    1. It sort of does! I was really hoping that it would have more of the purple cast it looks like it might on the website. It is still pretty though!


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