Sunday, January 6, 2013

All About Pink

Today's theme for the New 31 Day Challenge is "Favorite Color Family". I had a bit of a tough time deciding what to do for this one because tomorrow's theme is "Ombre or Skittle" and I didn't want two very similar posts back to back.  Once I decided on pinks the tough part was then picking a few to use for a water marble...and since I did this one a few days ago, now I don't remember exactly what polishes I did use!  I know the Zoya is Lara but the rest I don't remember, sorry about that!  Once the marble was done I used some loose glitter from Born Pretty Store in very random patters across the nails for added bling.

You can find the loose glitter here Don't forget to check out what the other ladies have come up with!


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