Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sometimes you have to be a Villian

 This has been a crazy week so far!  I have fallen way behind in the Halloween Challenge and it makes me sad.  I thought I would have more time and I just haven't.  C'est la vie I guess.  Although I have't done well keeping up with the Challenge, I do have something AWESOME to show you today.  I had heard that some Walgreen's stores had Disney Villainous Villains makeup sets and after scouring countless stores, I could never get my hands on any.  I did see some of the artificial nails, and while some of them had some cool designs, they just weren't for me.  However, on a recent shopping trip with some friends of mine we stopped into a Disney Store and happened upon a set of Villains Varnish!!  Now we're talking!  Of course I bought a set and today I have the swatches for you.  Each is inspired by a Villain in one of Disney's movies.

First a shot of the boxed set.

Now on to the swatches!!  First up is Ursula, a gorgeous frosty silvery-lilac shade with silver microglitter.  This one was much more pigmented than I thought it would be, I expected it to be sort of sheer but it isn't at all.  Does need a topcoat to minimize the texture from the glitter.

Next up is Queen of Hearts, a sort of "old gold" shade with gold microglitter.  This one went on very well with two coats as well, again you will need a topcoat here due to glitter.

Then we move on to Mother Gothel, the first of two cream shades.  WOW, I know the deep burgundy color isn't really that unique but I am in LOVE with this shade!  The perfect vampy burgundy with a flawless application, shown here without a topcoat; look at that shine!!

Next up is Maleficent, a beautiful teal shade with a sort of frosty metallic finish (but without the dreaded brushstrokes!!)  Very easy to apply, also shown without a topcoat.

The last glitter in the set is Evil Queen.  This one has a black base with purple microglitter.  (Similar to Wet n Wild Night Prowl but with a much more pigmented base)  The base here is pigmented enough that what you see here is one coat with a topcoat. I had a tough time getting the glitter to really show up on the nail.  Sometimes it looks sort of reddish, and other times it is more purple...

And last but not least is Cruella DeVil a luscious red cream with orange undertones.  This one is two coats, no topcoat.

As a huge Disney (and nail polish) fan I was thrilled to see this set and even more thrilled to see how great they are.  It would be amazing if they put out other sets as well.  For reference this set of 6 was $29.50 and can be found online through the Disney store website (where it is on sale for $22.12).

What do you think?  Will you be picking it up?

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