Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Essie Check Up Swatch and Review

I know today was supposed to be Zombies for the Halloween Challenge, but I have been sick lately and just haven't felt like doing much of anything.  Quite disappointing really because it was the only theme that piqued my husband's interest (He is a huge fan of The Walking Dead).  Maybe somewhere down the line I can fit in some zombie nails.
My challenge to myself is to have at least one pink mani a week this month in honor of breast cancer awareness, so this is that post.  Check up is part of the 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness line from essie.  This one is a gorgeous dusky mauve color with a creme finish.  Just slightly darker than I am Strong.
essie Check Up
To step it up just a bit I took the awareness ribbon image from the Bundle Monster BM-321 plate and stamped my ring finger using China Glaze Make an Entrance.

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