Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Evolution of a Halloween Manicure

Things have been insane around here lately with work, school, and trying to plan a vacation that includes three dogs!  I had no real plan in mind while working on this Halloween manicure but I knew it needed to include some of the amazing test products I got from KKCenterHk.  They contacted me a while back about testing some of their products, you will be seeing more from them in the future!!
I started with three thin coats of Julep Parker on all nails except my ring finger and painted those black.  I selected a few decals from this set.  I tried soaking them for a few seconds and sliding the decal off (typically how water decals work) but couldn't get it to work so I just pressed it to the nail and that worked perfectly.  The only difference is if you do it that way, you will end up with a silver decal and your design will be flipped.  (I did go back later and try it again and they will slide off with enough time in water, 20 seconds or so and some pressure) Remember to seal it with a topcoat!

Then I added a coat of Lush Lacquer Hey Jack! to my index finger, (amazingly easy to use glitter with a clear base) added a decal on my ring finger and sealed it all with a coat of Seche.

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