Monday, February 6, 2012

Magnetix Attraction

So yesterday as I was reading another nail blog about issues with magnetic polish I had this theory. A few days ago I got my shipment of the China Glaze Magnetix collection and I tried out Drawn To You, a luscious sort of mauvey-purple color with the star pattern from their magnet. It didn't turn out too well, the star was sort of faded out and didn't show up well. I didn't have much time to work on my nails that day and figured it was just my lack of patience. But after reading Jodi's post here I thought maybe it wasn't. So I thought about it a bit and wondered if the polish needed to "dry" a bit first and then apply the magnet. I swatched it again on just one finger (again, no pics) painted a thin coat, let dry and then a medium coat, wait 15-20 seconds and applied the magnet for about 20 seconds and it was perfect! So tonight I went through the same method with Attraction (a steely charcoal gray color) with sort of mixed results. I will let you judge for yourself by the pictures.... Maybe it depends on the color??? Have you had any expereince with a magnetic polish? What did you find? See my post about Nails Inc magnetic polish here.

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