Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Experiment with Layering

I had this idea in my head the other night about a combo that I thought would look really awesome.  I have had my bottle of Zoya Gilty sitting on my little side table since I first got it waiting for inspiration to come to me about what to layer it over.  I thought a deep mauve color would be pretty, so I pulled out Essie Angora Cardi and tried it.

Evidently I missed getting a shot of it with just the Gilty over Angora Cardi because then I though it might look better with a matte finish so I tried that...I'm not sure what I think about this combo.  Opinions?


  1. i never realised there were so many other nail polish addicts like myself out in the blog land. i just got started with mine, so there are only two posts but defintely more to come. i feel so happy knowing there are other ladies that are totally neurotic about polish like me!! love the pics, so i just wanted to let you know im going to follow you. :)thank you!

  2. Nope - in my book Guilty (or also have the OPI Man With The Golden Gun) look best on a really shinny top coated nail polish. I also found when I keep putting on another clear top coat, with Guilty it acts sort of like glitter polish does in that my mani lasts a lot longer (but it's easy to take off unlike glitter polishes)


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