Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well HELLO Dolly!!

 Oh Pretty and Polished, how I love you!  Hello Dolly has been sitting on my desk for a while now waiting for me to find the right undies for her (ha ha) and today was the day!  I was actually looking for something to put on my toes and was looking through my purple drawer and picked up China Glaze Sweet Hook...this is it Dolly!!  Toes forgotten for the moment I applied my base coat and two coats of Sweet Hook and let that dry.  Here is what it looks like on it's own...sort of pink, but a little more purple...

And then I applied a thickish coat of Hello Dolly.  It applies very well, I just wish there was a bit more of the large pink glitter, it is a bit tough to get those pieces on the nail at at times.  I was thrilled with how this turned out!!  You can find Pretty and Polished by visiting her Etsy store here.  


  1. This is gorgeous!! I looove Pretty and Polished nail polish, I'm wearing Jawbreaker and I can't stop staring at my nails. I think I'll have to put this one on my wishlist too! Haha

  2. I haven't gotten a chance to wear this polish yet, but seeing your swatches is making me want to!


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