Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Am I back??

I realize it has been nearly 5 years since I last posted here and it is very possible that no one will see this or care but I felt like writing it anyway.  I spent years on this blog and it was an escape for me.  It was something to participate in from the comfort of my home, any time night or day.  I made friends, I had a small following and I enjoyed it...so why did I suddenly disappear?

I am not completely sure why I stopped when I did exactly but I can tell you a LOT has happened since that time.  If this is your first time here let me catch you up just a little by saying I am a nurse.  That in and of itself is a stressful thing.  In early 2015 I was married and working in a home health job that was taking up a LOT of time and causing me a lot of stress.  By August I had started a new job that I loved in a call center but that required me to drive over an hour to work each way.  There was a lot going on in my life personally for quite some time and somewhere along the way I just decided I was no longer happy so, I left in early 2016.  I moved back in with my dad (not where I wanted to be in my mid-30's) until I found a place of my own.

Going through a divorce took a toll on my relationship with my family which was also difficult.  During that time, I managed find my own place, keep the same job I started, and started dating again (what a series of stories this was!) and eventually met a great guy and got married again faster than really anyone thought I should.

A few months later a new job opportunity came as a director in an assisted living facility in the same city I was already working in.  I was struggling with the schedule I was working along with some other very minor issues so since this was an advancement for me, I took it.  This began the year from HELL.  I tried, I really tried to make it work but the environment was so toxic and the turnover was unlike anything I had ever seen even at the upper levels of the organization.  I promised myself I would make it for a year because I was never one to hop from job to job.  I had stayed in touch with some of the managers from the call center job I worked and even though I knew historically they did not hire people back once they left, regardless of the reason, I reached out anyway and was told there was a position if I wanted it, but I would have to start back at the bottom.

I barely made it through that year but I did and was able to go back to the job I had loved with the same team that had always been so positive and supportive of one another.  It was an adjustment because going from a director level back to an entry level position of course meant a pay cut but it was worth it for my sanity.  Now, just over a year later, I am still with the same company, same team and am now a supervisor and still loving it.  When it comes to nursing, finding a team that is positive and supportive, doesn't back stab or gossip about each other is nearly unheard of.

These past five years has brought a lot of ups and downs and painting my nails and blogging about it was the last thing on my mind.  I have started painting my nails again occasionally but nothing like what I was doing before and I'm not sure I will ever get back to that.  I am still active on Pinterest and still love following the nail art community.  Will I be back to posting new content every day? Not super likely but you never know.  If there is still anyone who wants to see it, leave me a comment and let me know you are still out there!

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