Monday, March 2, 2015

Zoya Veruschka for St. Patrick's Day

Ok folks, I have finally made some changes in my life that will (hopefully) let me get back to blogging.  I have a bunch of "untrieds" that need swatching but also a lot of ideas for nail art especially related to St. Patrick's Day, so that's what I'm going with first.  Some may (likely will) include polish that I haven't tried before and while they may not be "new" they have been sitting on my desk for some time just waiting..
First up is Zoya Veruschka used in this mani along with Snow White and Shawn, Bundle Monster holiday plate BM-H05 used for this look then I added NYC matte topcoat to the accent nail to give it a matte finish as well.  I must say, Veruschka went on very well, two easy coats, and dried fairly quickly and of course the color is gorgeous.


  1. Glad to see you back! That's a really pretty green. And I love the accent nail!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It really is a gorgeous shade, also have it on my toes right now with topcoat. :)


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