Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tale of an Upgrade

Many of you know that I am a nurse with a full time job and going to school full time.  Needless to say things have been crazy lately with the holidays and such and I haven't had much time to even paint my nails let alone blog.  I try hard to fit everything in because I really enjoy being busy and having tasks to do.  Last night I was picking through my pile of untried polish because I wanted something new and something simple.  I chose OPI Casino Royale.  Beautiful color and great formula as you would expect from OPI.  By the time I was done with my nails though, I was exhausted and went to bed without even getting a picture!  Today, I had to work so by the time I got home my mani was showing some wear but I still wanted to be able to share this new color with you all.  So I took a pic of my flawed, unshiny mani with tipwear...and then I upgraded it!
OPI Casino Royale (day 2, flash)
After I took that first picture, I got out my stamping plates and some polish and went to town!  I used Cheeky plate CH11 and Essie Loophole for the stamping and then went back with Zoya Zuza for the dots to add a pop of a different color.  Once that was done I applied a fresh topcoat and I am good to go for another day!  

Day 2 mani upgrade (no flash)

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  1. wow I love this!!! Your stamping and dot combination is wicked :)


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